A Married Man, Life history – Robert Sterling

I have decided to create this blog for all the women out there that fall in love with a man who is married. Ladies, most likely he will tell you he is not in love with his wife, they are having problems, they never should have gotten married, HE IS LYING!

Robert Sterling is a well known Power Broker in New York City. He donated millions of dollars to Syracuse University to get his name on the building. He just donated a million dollars to NYU. He is on television and in the newspaper regularly! He presents himself as a wonderful husband, father, and committed to the future of real estate and the youth that will run it! Meanwhile, he is not the man he professes to be. He is a LIAR and a CHEAT!

I fell in love with Robert 5 years ago. He told me I was the love of his life. He complained about his wife, and how he was so “dead” inside. I tried to leave him he wouldn’t let me. He begged me to give him a second chance. He told me he would not stay married when his children left the house. He told me he didn’t want to go home. He told me he worked in his office on Saturdays for 20 years so not to have to be with her. He told me she embarrassed him. He married his wife because her family had ties to the Empire State Building and they could help his career. And at 60 years old, still a user and a coward will not divorce his wife because of greed. Because he would rather destroy one person who he claimed to love….rather than give HER his houses and his money!

He claims to love his children. He lies to them. He spent 10 years in therapy 4 days a week…lying to his therapist (admittingly). It is my understanding it is not slander when you are speaking the truth. My reason for posting this is to insure another woman does not get caught in the web of Robert Sterling! I am told he will do it again and again. I was not the first. I was the third. He destroyed my life…and don’t want him to destroy another.


Phases of a Professor’s Career Life

An attractive part of being a school educator is that they get the chance to do a wide range of exercises all the time. Amid the year, a teacher will show classes, behavior exploration, go to bookkeeping meetings, survey othProf_prattiers’ examination, coach understudies, serve on college/school/division advisory groups, and communicate with experts/controllers/standard setters. The assorted qualities of the exercises make the employment energizing and fortifying. It is anything but difficult to abstain from getting trapped in a hopeless cycle in light of the fact that you get the opportunity to do numerous different things.

The accurate blend of what you do relies on upon the organization where you work, the phase of your vocation, and your own advantage. An extra advantage of being a teacher is adaptability. This occupation bears you adaptability not just in the sorts of exercises you connect with, additionally inside how the action is performed. Being an educator is one of a kind, in that you get the opportunity to learn and examine issues and themes that you discover intriguing. There is moderately no structure put on the points that you can inquire about and find out about. For instance, as an educator you get the chance to choose what sorts of inquiries you will examine, what you instruct (to some degree), and what administration exercises you perform (once more, to some degree). On the off chance that you are a man that likes adapting, then being a teacher can be extremely remunerating.

Notwithstanding having differences and adaptability, teachers are continually tested. Every examination task and every class taught is an alternate ordeal that will keep on testing the educator’s capacities. One can simply enhance their showing and find new things to explore, particularly as the economy changes and develops. How a man ingests this new data relies on upon the special attributes of every individual learner.

Patti Elaine gravitt is professor in Department of Pathology University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center. Her examination and showing hobbies are social globalization, sexual orientation, religious fundamentalism, and trans-national ladies’ developments.